How-To: Luxury Travel on a Budget

1. Book a Semi-Private Flight

Even more luxurious than first class, you can fly private or semi-private airlines for (surprisingly!) affordable fares. New companies like JSX and Aero offer a semi-private flying experience to the general public. You get to avoid TSA lines and go straight to the private hangar, where security and boarding take just a few minutes. Then you’re enjoying the private flight luxuries of big seats + legroom, a dedicated concierge team, complimentary food & beverages, and you can bring pets! Routing varies per seasonality and destination – it’s worth looking into on your next trip.

2. Go Big on Luxury Cruises 

It’s no secret COVID-19 significantly impacted the cruise industry, and cruise lines are still working to make up for lost revenue. Three months before departure is typically when the final payment is due for travelers, and the cruise line will add incentives to fill the remaining empty cabins. So keep your travel plans flexible, and monitor for fare drops and additional perks. You’ll see opportunities for free international airfare, gratuities, airport transfers, drink packages, shore excursions, and more. Don’t know where to start? Reach out to the travel experts here at Upaway ~ we’ll do the heavy lifting and find the luxury cruise of your dreams. We’re partnered with all the major cruise lines and can negotiate exclusive VIP deals on your behalf.

3. Score Last-Minute Cancellation Deals for Group High-End Experiences

Similar to cruises, many high-end small-group operators also offer significant discounts a few months before the trip. From African safaris to Small Group Journeys across the globe, you can find great deals with luxury operators like Abercrombie & Kent or Backroads when they have last-minute cancellations.

4. Rent Exotic and Luxury Cars for Less

Turo is the Airbnb of car rentals. You can find incredible deals on luxury vehicles for a fraction of the cost.

d to typical rental agencies like Avis and Hertz. Ride in style in a Porche, Tesla, BMW, or off-roading vehicle with their ultra-easy app, including insurance and any add-ons you may need (like car seats!). You can browse by destination, vehicle type, and experience type.

5. Looking for more tips – or want to score more luxury deals?

Send us a message in your app for 24/7 insider tips and deals from our industry-certified trip support team. Get started for free. (Yes, really!)

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