On-demand (human!)
trip support makes
travel easy and hassle-free.

Hassle-free planning

You know the part of planning a trip that you dread? The logistics, the phone calls, the organization? Hand it off to us.


You can tag us in at any point of your planning (or trip) for an expert helping hand. We can plan your trip from start to finish, snagging the best deals and exclusive perks, or we can coordinate those last-minute details.

We're with you at every step!

Everything you need — and nothing you don’t

Unlike a travel agency, we’re here to help, not to sell. We’re not pushing an expensive package deal that doesn’t meet your needs.


We offer service for all your bookings, no matter where or how you purchased them (even if it wasn’t through us!).


Your Upaway team connects the dots on your trip, or across multiple trips, to get you where you need to go as seamlessly as possible.

Personalized problem solving

Whether you’re traveling with children or pets, or with a disability, allergy, or medical condition, we’re experienced in the art of smooth travel.


We can ensure every flight and destination is perfectly catered for your convenience and ease.

Live support during your trip

Flight delays or cancellations? Lost luggage? Hotel not what you expected? Need a last-minute reservation or a ride? Break your arm or get sick with a mystery flu? We’ve seen it all.


Our team can solve any travel dilemmas for you with ease, making all the necessary calls and arrangements so you don’t have to.

Experienced advocates who’ve been there

We don’t just save you time — we save you money, too. Our team has traveled to over 95% of the globe and we've got the experience to prove it.


Our team can help you secure upgrades, refunds, reimbursements, and flight credits when things go wrong so that you get the compensation you deserve.

Uncompromising safety

We know that travel isn’t easy for everyone.


That’s why our experts are well-versed in safe travel for marginalized people — including BIPOC and LGBTQ+ communities — as well as being COVID-informed, and can make strategic recommendations to ensure a safe trip.

Hello, Peace of Mind

With Upaway, you have a team of real people who are passionate about helping you travel safely and simply. We’re in your corner, so you can relax knowing that you’re taken care of — no matter where in the world you are.

Stress-free travel at your fingertips.

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