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Lose Your ID While Traveling? Here’s What to Do.

1. Don't Panic – Breath.

This happens nationally and worldwide daily - there are systems in place to get you safely to and from where you're going. But first, contact your Upaway team, who can support you at every step when you've lost (or had stolen) your personal identification while traveling.

2. If Your Wallet Was Stolen, File a Police Report.

This official documentation will assist with verifying your identity, and if your identity is compromised, you have a police report to confirm this.

3. Have Digital Copies of Your Documents Ready.

This is easy if you have Upaway – where you can securely store all your travel documents and your trip plans. These include but aren't limited to bills with a physical address, a birth certificate (though it's very uncommon to travel with this), credit cards, student IDs, prescriptions with your name, and a picture of your ID or passport! In addition, we always recommend keeping a scanned copy of your ID and visa when traveling, just in case.

4. Get to the Airport Extra Early.

Anticipate extra security and waiting time. For example, in the U.S.A., TSA may escort you through security depending on the staff; they will inspect your carry-on and ask you several questions verifying your identity. For example, they asked our Happiness Team member Mishana what her mother's maiden name was, where she went to college, her previous address, and when her father was born.

5. Get on the Phone – Or Have Upaway Handle It for You.

Better yet, call Upaway so we can take the stress of coordinating with the hotel off your plate! Hotels are typically flexible in using alternative forms of identification for check-in, especially for pre-paid and pre-booked stays.

6. Looking For More Tips – Or Need Trip Support for a Lost ID?

Send us a message in your app 24/7 for real-time, unbundled trip support from industry-certified travel advisors: no matter how or from where you purchased.

Get started for free. (Yes, really!)

Photo by Spencer Davis

*Tip: We don't recommend taking out your passport for photos like this in high-traffic areas as it can leave you susceptible to theft.

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