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Traveling With a Child Who Experiences Autism

Traveling with a family can be hectic and stressful. Traveling with a child who experiences autism can understandably add pre-trip apprehension.

Your Upaway Trip Support team is here to take the guesswork out of travel - we are with you 24/7 ensuring your family travels are supported and stress-free. 🧡


Some cruise lines provided special accommodations and services for those with varying abilities. One cruise line that explicitly provides this is Disney Cruise Line. DCL is a great family-friendly option that offers a number of service options for those with autism and other disabilities that impact their ability to be in crowded environments or wait in lines.

For youth programming, DCL’s activity counselors can provide recommended times when the kid activity areas tend to be in less demand. DCL can also help provide dinner and entertainment seating that is ideal. Large cruise ships are bustling, floating cities and crowds can be triggering for anyone, especially children experiencing autism. Familiarize yourself with the ship's layout prior to departure, to know where calmer escapes such as the library or vista rooms are located.

  • Travel tip: Calling the cruise line (or your Upaway Trip Support can do this for you!) ahead of time will help alleviate any outstanding travel or accommodation questions.


Finding a hotel that is able to accommodate a desired room on a property (whether that’s closer to elevators, or further from any poolside music), is key to ensuring your family is able to relax and control the environment.

  • Travel tip: Ask for a room that is away from stairs, clubs, or busy corridors to help alleviate any extra noise or commotion. Be cognizant of what facilities are above or below your room, such as a dining hall which can be quite noisy during meal hours.


Air travel can be unpredictable so helping your child know what they’re going to experience can be helpful.

  • Travel tip: If you’re flying an airline that doesn’t assign seats, arrive at the airport early and speak with the check-in agent so they can select your seats and give priority boarding access. Even better, let Upaway do this for you. 🧡

Upaway’s Industry-Certified Trip Support team specializes in orchestrating seamless travel experiences for everyone, which includes researching and curating inclusive accommodations to match your needs. We'll always ensure that before, during, and after your trip, any concerns you have are addressed directly - getting ahead of and eliminating potential travel chaos.

Looking for more tips – or want help securing the above?

Send us a message in your app for 24/7 insider tips and deals from our industry-certified trip support team. Get started for free. (Yes, really!)

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