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How-To: Fly With Toddlers and Infants

1. Maybe Don’t Check That Carseat. Why?

Checking your car seat for a flight can cause major shock (being dropped or moved hastily) and reduce its safety by causing internal structural damage. If you must check it, don't just use a car seat check bag, package it securely in a box with padding.

2. Planning to Use Your Child’s Carseat on the Plane?

Ensure your child has a separate ticketed seat to sit in during the flight for their safety. Otherwise, we recommend gate-checking the car seat – although this option runs the risk of potential damage – outlined above.

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3. Detach and Collapse Your Stroller Base to Avoid Damage.

If your car seat detaches from a stroller base, ensure it is fully collapsed and locked before you gate-check it. The more compact it is, the better.

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4. Find your Favorite Gear – It's Personal.

As a traveling mom, my favorite travel accessory is the

Doona for infants: an integrated travel system and you can secure the car seat (with the wheels still attached) onto the plane seat and even a taxi or ride share without a base. As you travel, you'll find the right gear for you and your family.

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5. Traveling With an Infant? Opt for the In-Flight Bassinet

Many new parents (and seasoned professionals!) don't realize that you can secure a bassinet seat for your infant on the flight. So free up your lap and arms – there is space for both of you to be comfortable on this flight.

Securing a bassinet on a flight is often in the Bulkhead row – we've successfully secured this seat free of charge, explaining the need for space for you and your baby. Note: Bulkhead doesn't have under-seat storage, so diaper bags are stored above you.

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6. Looking For More Tips and On-Demand Support?

Send us a message in your app for 24/7 insider tips and deals from our industry-certified trip support team. Get started for free. (Yes, really!)

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