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How-To: Travel Sustainably

Tips to help you travel sustainably and make eco-friendly travel choices that make a big impact with small changes.

1. Avoid destination hotspots to be a change agent for sustainable tourism.

Over-tourism is a big issue, from stripping locals of their resources to damaging natural ecosystems. Instead, opt for places off the "Top Lists" of destinations to redistribute crowd flows and find some magical hidden gems.

Photo by Iván Rivero

3. Pass on towel and linen changes during your stay.

You can contribute to energy and water conservation by foregoing new towels and linens daily during your stay. Instead, opt for every other day, or if it's a short trip – pass on it altogether.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska

4. Travel slower.

Spending more time in a destination saves on carbon emissions, avoids the stress of constantly moving, and you get the opportunity to build deeper connections with locals.

Photo by Zen Chung

5. Pack for a Purpose.

We love the nonprofit 501(c)3 – pack what local communities need in your luggage, and they'll ensure it gets to the people who need the supplies once you get there.

Photo by Monstera

6. Looking For More Tips?

Send us a message in your app 24/7 for real-time, unbundled trip support from industry-certified travel advisors: no matter how or from where you purchased.

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