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Hush Trips: What Are They?

Updated: Feb 15

What's a Hush Trip?

The trending "Hush Trips" are vacations employees take without letting their employers know. Empowered by high-speed wifi and a remote-first work environment, employees can spend a few weeks anywhere in the world.

It's a short-term experience of the digital nomad lifestyle without the commitment of moving or needing to tell HR.

Are Hush Trips a way to ensure maximum employee wellness and retention?

Gone are the days of blind loyalty and take-it or leave-it employment. Instead, today's workforce expects work to fit into their lives, unlike previous generations who fit their lives into their work.

The pandemic shifted our collective priorities and recalibrated the future of work: employees are foregoing pay raises in favor of wellness and life benefits that enable them – and their families – to thrive.

What are the pros and cons of your employees taking hush trips?

If your employees are taking hush trips, it's time to check in on your culture and ask yourself why they're "hush" in the first place. Our workforces are burnt-out, experiencing unprecedented stress levels, and are recalibrating work-life balance after the pandemic.

When 2 in 3 Americans are traveling for stress relief – leaders have the opportunity to shepherd success or stifle it with secrecy.

Photo by Vlada Karpovich

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