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How-to: Pack like a Pro

Fold your outfits together

So you can pull out one outfit at a time when you're ready to wear it! Saving time, energy, and wrinkles

Pack the heaviest items at the bottom of your suitcase

Ensures your suitcase is lighter on its wheels and stable, to avoid tipping and make moving through an airport less stressful on your body.

Store jewelry in medicine containers

Medicine containers are affordable, lightweight alternatives to jewelry boxes, ensuring your valuables stay organized and untangled.

Use a ziplock freezer bag to pack an extra change of clothes in your carry-on

The most reliable backup for spills, little ones with accidents, and lost or delayed luggage. When on the trip reuse the plastic bag to put your shoes or wet bathing suits in – that way the rest of your clothes stay clean and dry!

Give your skin the royal treatment it deserves

Bring hydrating face masks in your carry-on. Use them on the plane or upon arrival to give your skin the moisture and vitamins it needs after the drying airplane atmosphere.

Smell fresh every step of the way

Throw a laundry sheet in your suitcase before departure, this will keep your clothes smelling fresh throughout your journey!

Stay safe and sleep soundly

Bring a universal doorstopper for extra comfort and protection, wherever you stay.

Looking for more tips – or want help securing the above?

Send us a message in your app for 24/7 insider tips and deals from our industry-certified trip support team. Get started for free. (Yes, really!)

Photo by Vlada Karpovich

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